Assignment 3

This time the assignment is that we have to make a site. But this site has to be the worst site ever! a really nice assignment if you ask me;)

The things I’ll keep in mind is that it’s unable to see for color blind people. So the background and the text on the screen will be colors that will be nearby each other. Another thing is that there will be no feedback on the site. If the person goes over a button or something it won’t get another color or there will not be anything visible aspect. All the links in the site won’t work and the font of the site is not readable.

What I’ve learned until now is that I know how to use HTML and CSS. I can work a little witch javascript but I still have to work on those skills. Writing my own code is really difficult but I can explain every code. Using it is more the problem. But I really like working with all these codes so I’m really motivated.


This time we had to search for pieces that would be able to put on your portfolio. I’ve been searching through my stuff and found some projects I really liked. I’ve also made some photos of the projects but most of my projects where documents in the end. So that’s a shame but non the less I still have some nice results. I’ve been painting and had some assignments next year where we had to work with Photoshop. The end results are in the balk above this post.

Hey there!

So, having finished my first assignment for ‘We create identity’ on my site which is going to be my digital portfolio I thought why not post my first piece on my blog.

This was my first week at the university. I’m really excited about the program! Specially the course ‘visual communication’. I really like working with program’s to realize your ideas. It’s like you’ve got an idea but you’re unable to tell to someone else what it is. By drawing it with a program it’s so much more easier to show your idea to someone.

maybe it’s also a nice thing to edit my site here so everyone can see my progress:P

so here it is:

Not much on it yet but I’m working on it!